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January 2022

Issue #52

Year 2021 Recap


HSB has won several awards in 2021 despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The effectiveness and performance in EHS can be demonstrated from the awards and recognition received. They are as follows:

Land Transport Authority (LTA)

  • Construction Safety Merit Award (Category A – Civil Contracts $50 million and above) - RC118
  • Construction Environmental Merit Award (Category A) - RC118
  • Accident Free Recognition Award (Category 2 – Civil Contracts Below $120 million) - RC118
  • WSH Officer Recognition Award - Azry Tay - RC118
  • Subcontractor’s Safety Recognition Award - Bok Seng - RC118

WSH Council

  • BizSafe Partner
  • SHARP Award - DE113
  • SHARP Award - ER519A
  • SHARP Award - JTC-WFP
  • SHARP Award - RC118
  • WSH Performance Award (Silver)
  • WSH Advocate (WSHC)

Building and Construction Authority (BCA)

  • GGBS Star Champion

Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents

  • ROSPA Gold Award

According to the National Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Report dated January – June 2021, there were a total of 6,411 workplace injuries, out of which, 23 were fatal. A workplace injury refers to any personal injury or death resulting from a workplace accident, including work-related traffic injuries. HSB compares our KPI benchmark according to the industry’s standards yearly.

The table below shows the nationwide data compared between the 1st half of 2019 to the 1st half of 2021.

Table 1: Number of workplace injuries, dangerous occurrences and occupational diseases, 2019-2021

1H 2019 2H 2019 1H 2020 2H 2020 1H 2021*
Workplace Injuries 6,630 7,149 5,057 6,293 6,411
Fatal Injuries 17 22 17 13 23
Major Injuries 319 310 199 264 312
Minor Injuries 6,294 6,817 4,841 6,016 6,076
Dangerous Occurrences 9 12 4 6 7
Occupational Diseases (OD) 264 253 202 326 401
Source: Table from National Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Report, January - June 2021

The following table shows HSB’s performance in 2021 in comparison with the nationwide 1st half safety statistics rate.

Nationwide Industries1 Rate (1H 2021P) HSB
Fatal Injuries Rate 0.7 0
Major Injuries Rate 9.4 0
Minor Injuries Rate 183 0
OC Incidence Rate 12.1 0
Man-days Lost 277,327 0
Source: Table from National Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Report, January - June 2021

2021P: 2021 figures are preliminary.

Overview And Sumary From Psychometric Assessment On Mental Well-being Conducted In 2021

HSB believes that it requires combined effort together with our employees to improve mental and physical health as well as their well-being in workplace. Our Total WSH Framework focus into safety, occupational health and personal mental & physical health by managing these aspects of work together, employees can live and work healthily and safely, reducing sickness absence, ill-health and may even improve their productivity at work. Our management hopes to achieve this objective – “A Healthy Workforce in a Safe Workplace”.

HSB has initiated 1st round of Psychometric Assessment on Mental Wellbeing in 4th quarter 2020. A sampling size of 103 had completed 2nd round of assessment was in July/ August 2021. As many of our workers went on home leaves, the sampling size went down from 177 paxs to 103. The aim of the survey is to capture the affective-emotional aspect, cognitive-evaluative dimensions and psychological functioning based on positive mental health measurements which will support the mental wellbeing promotion in the organisation. The measurement will determine the intervention program necessary to improve the organisation's workers mental wellbeing.

Similar as the 1st round, the mental wellbeing assessment instruments were based on the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale (WEMWBS) survey results. It determines the overview of mental wellbeing of workers in the organisation and the other is to spot poor mental wellbeing for at risk workers. Overall scores are calculated by summing up the individual responses. Scores can range from 14-70. Refer Table 1: Categorisation and Intervention

Category Intervention
Universal prevention: Targeting the whole population group

Score between 61 to 70
Proposed Awareness Programs to consider
  • Active Living Program (Activity)
  • Smoking Cessation Program
  • Mental Wellness Training
Selective prevention: Targeting individuals or subgroups of the population whose risk of developing a mental disorder is significantly higher than that of the ref of the population.

Score between 41 to 60
Social Intervention
  • Counselling by Corporate Department
  • Management Engagement (subject to criticality of concerns)
(Medical/External Intervention if required)
Indicated prevention: Targeting persons at high-risk for mental disorders

Score below 40
Medical/External Intervention (Therapy)
  • MWC
  • Care Singapore
  • National Care Hotline
Source: Table from National Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Report, January - June 2021

Based on the completed responses received, the organisation overall mental wellbeing assessment score is above the average of the assessment scoring and evaluation guidelines. There are no scores that fall between 41 - 45 categories which are defined as critical or poor mental wellbeing.

In conclusion, the current mental wellbeing of workers in HSB during the pandemic period in 2021 is concluded as within the high range. Nevertheless, arrangement of awareness program can be considered to further enhance workers' mental health and wellbeing.

The positive results showed that the organisation has implemented appropriate measures and helpful engagements and had supported the workers through these difficult times. For this reason, the workers' developed a positive perception which allows them to be more motivated to achieve both their personal and work goals, which contributes to a more productive and uplifting work environment.

Annual WHSE Day 2021

HSB held our annual WSHE Day virtually on 3rd November 2021. Top management, including all site personnel and workers watched the event via a live broadcast.

The theme of 2021’s WSHE Day was “Take time to take care of your safety and health”. Due to the COVÍD-19 pandemic, many individuals’ mental health were affected. As shared on the website,, “Care Time” is about taking the time to slow things down and prioritizing one’s safety and health. By doing so, and caring for yourself more regularly and consistently, it would heighten your awareness of your surroundings, preventing unwanted incidents and ensuring your safety.

Goodie bag contents

Leading up to WSHE Day, goodie bags filled with snacks were prepared and distributed to staff and workers. To celebrate the festive season of Deepavali, sarongs were given out to the Indian and Bangladeshi workers.

Jin Kiat, Sharul, Ramesh and Daniel cheering

A light-hearted skit which highlighted the importance of communication and racial harmony was played during the event. Scenes of the various consequences of communication breakdown were showed. The skit also emphasized on showing empathy and kindness to one another when working and staying under one roof. With Deepavali just around the corner, there was an incorporation of celebrating the Festival of Lights together in the video.

Together with everyone at site, we played a game of Scavenger Hunt virtually. The list of items to be found were displayed on the screens and the site that finds the item first would win.

As part of our total WSH programme, there was also a talk organized by HSB’s EHS Trainer, Mr Shamsir Bin Ali, on improving one’s quality of life and management of stress, in order to build on the importance of mental wellbeing. This was followed by a webinar session on raising awareness on scams by the Singapore Police Force.

The prize presentation was one of the highly anticipated segments during our Annual WSHE Day. Prizes were given to recognize the outstanding EHS performances of the various project teams. The EHS Challenge Shield, which assesses project teams’ EHS performance based on various criteria, was awarded to RC118 for the second consecutive year. Congratulations to the RC118 team!

Awards were also presented to workers and supervisors to recognise their excellent EHS Performance. WSHE Day ended with dinner for all staff and workers as well the distribution of goodie bags and beer to our workers. Even though we are unable to gather physically, we are glad that we are still able to have our annual WSHE Day as well as celebrate Deepavali through technology.

WSH SHARP Award presented to DE113, ER519A, JTC-WFP and RC118
Left: EHS Challenge Shield winner RC118, Middle: WSH Performance Silver Award presented to EHS Corporate Department ROSPA Gold Award presented to Corporate and EHS Team, Right: LTA ASAC WSH Officer Recognition Award presented to Mr Azry Tay
Best EHS Performance Award - Workers' Category Award Winners: Narayasamy Kathiravan, Chellamani Mayakannan and Thoondy Ravi. Best EHS Performance Award - Supervisory Category Award Winners: Urumayan Dhanabal.
First three images, Distribution of goodie bags and bento meals to our workers. Last two images, Management, staff and workers at various sites watching the live broadcast


With the surge in COVID-19 cases in the community recently, we urge all to continue to mask up, be vigilant and responsible. Let’s continue to persevere while moving forward. Despite all the changes happening, always remember that “Tough times never last but tough people do.” Take care and stay safe!

T738 Beam Launching

On 20th December 2021, HSB staff from sites and HQ attended the excursion to the T738 – Pulau Punggol Barat Project, in compliance with Safe Management Measures. The main objective of this visit was to demonstrate the launching of the PSPC U-Girder using the launching gantry (girder launcher).

Some of the few key learning points for this operation that were shared include:

Project T738 - Project Artist Impression

PSPC Girder Design
The girder was designed to be cantilever on both ends during transportation from storage area roll onto the barge.

Stability check for the barge
The barge consists of 6 modular pontoons which measures 4.8m (W) x 18m (L) x 3m (D). Modelling and calculation of ballasting water into the pontoon was carried out by marine architects. This was to ensure that the barge is in stable condition when the PSPC girder gradually rolls onto the barge through the use of Self-Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT).

Towing of barge
A tug boat was used to tow the barge with the PSPC girder. Two signalmen on the barge will give signal to the boatman during towing. The towing operation demands a high degree of teamwork. To be both efficient and safe, all personnel involved must be properly trained and equipped, and must have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities. Two-way communication between the signalman and boatman must be maintained and be visually clear during the operation.

Launching gantry with sliding mechanism
The gantry was designed by Utracon and the whole gantry was held down on crosshead by 8 numbers of stressed bar.

It was definitely an eye-opening and interesting excursion for HSB staff.


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