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August 2021

Issue #51

HSB Support On BCA Antigen Rapid Test (Art) Pilot Program

Antigen Rapid Testing Setup at Project RC118

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected most people in every country around the world. Singapore was not spared from the pandemic which is caused by the virus. However, the vigilance and implementation of Safe Management Measures (SMM) have directed the move of the Covid-19 pandemic to endemic. Authorities such as Building Construction Authority (BCA) proactively advise and provide guidelines to the industry on the required preventive measures to curb the spread of the virus.

“Even as we seek to open up and live with COVID-19 as an endemic disease that is here to stay, we have to continue to break chains of transmission to keep our people safe”
- Minister of National Development, Mr Desmond Lee

Subsequently, the BCA launched the guidelines on ART pilot program for the construction sector in May 2021 as an initiative to identify and control exposure within the construction industries. The pilot program was focused on screening workers not living in dormitories and subsequently visitors entering the worksite. Hwa Seng Builder was selected as one of the pilot projects to set up the COVID-19 antigen rapid test facility in order to reduce and prevent the transmission of the virus, and to ensure that our staff and workers remain safe.

Registration Counter and ART Team at RC118 Swab Site

HSB Management supported the ART pilot program by providing the resources needed to ensure the success in the implementation of the testing facility. Additionally, the ART team was trained at the BCA Academy to ensure their competency in conducting the ART test and management of the facility.

HSB Contributing to Environment, Health and Safety Professional Development

HSB EHS Training Centre

In HSB, the management believes that Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) training and professional development is vital in ensuring a safe work environment whilst conducting safe practices at the workplace. The organisation shows its commitment to continual improvement through lifelong learning for its employees, which will develop a positive safety culture and increase the awareness for the importance of safety and health management.

HSB views on the professional development of its employees is one of the critical aspect in cultivating new skills, knowledge and being aware of the current work requirements. The organisation understands the need to invest in training and giving the workforce the opportunity to learn and apply new knowledge and skills that can assist them in their work.

Benefits of professional development includes:

  • Expanding the employees’ knowledge bases
  • Exposing employees to new ideas, solidify their knowledge, and increase their expertise in their field
  • Enhancing confidence and credibility
  • Acquiring new skill sets and professional designations
  • Be current on industry trends
  • Learn new practices and techniques and embrace new technology
Left: Lecture by Mr Alan Nah (Executive Director) on “Leading Safety Through Technology Adoption”, Right: Lecture by Mr Lim Eng Boon (Deputy Director) on “Present and Future Challenges for Construction Professionals in Built environment”
Left: Lecture by Mr Azry Tay (EHS Manager) on “Working on Landfill”, Right: Lecture by Mr Shamsir Bin Ali, EHS Trainer (Corporate) on “Challenges in the Rock Blasting Industry”

HSB’s Executive Director, Deputy Director and EHS Manager had recently presented a lecture at the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) for the Bachelor of Science (BSc) Safety, Health and Environmental Management program. The lectures conducted focused on hazards and safety practices in diverse hazardous industries, namely construction. Topics covered includes “Leading Safety through Technology Adoption” by Mr. Alan Nah, “Present and Future Challenges in the Built Environment” by Mr. Lim Eng Boon, and “Working on Landfill” by Mr. Azry Tay.

HSB aims to promote lifelong learning and also proactively move towards safety and health competency, and professional development of its staff and also others. Lastly, HSB looks towards the development of the Safety, Health and Environment culture of stakeholders within and out of the organisation.


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