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June 2021

Issue #50

Deeper Bonds Through Celebrating and Respecting Diversity

In a multi-cultural and religious environment that we are in, HSB does all that it can to respect and celebrate the moments where our fellow employees takes pride in practicing their faith and culture. Even during this pandemic period, we continue this tradition of forging deeper bonds with considerations in place to minimise the risks posed by Covid-19.

The month of Ramadhan this year fell between 12 April 2021 to 12 May 2021. During this period, our Muslim employees, observed fasting from dawn to dusk. In the month of Ramadhan, Muslims will do more self reflection and prayers to improve oneself both physically and spiritually.

Did you know that the 12 months in Islamic calendar are based on the moon? Although the 1st of Ramadhan starts after sunset on the 12 April 2021, we will only observe our Muslim friends fasting on the 13 April 2021. Ramadhan, which is considered to be the holiest month, falls on the 9th month of the Islamic calendar.

Handing out of Dates and Chrysanthemum Tea to our employees.

Eid-al-Fitr, better known here as ‘Hari Raya Aidilfitri’, is a celebration for the self improvements made in the month of Ramadhan, to be grateful for what has been achieved and to share with those who may be less fortunate. Through deeper devotion and practices in the month of Ramadhan, greater discipline and restrain are developed by each individual.

Handing out of Dates and Chrysanthemum Tea to our employees.
Distributing Briyanis to our employees to breakfast.

HSB also took the opportunity to participate in the spirit of sharing amongst our Muslim employees. On 12 April 2021, HSB distributed dates and packet drinks to all our Muslim employees. Dates and water are the 2 important items when breaking fast. Dates help to return the body’s blood glucose levels quickly to normal after a long day of fasting and water is considered to be purifying.

To strengthen bonds and relationships with our employees, HSB has a practice of dedicating a day where all employees would eat together during the time of breaking fast. Admist the current Covid situation, HSB distributed bento sets instead to our employees directly to their respective work sites. This effort and commitment by HSB of celebrating diversity in our workplace will always be upheld.

Annual Hand Safety Campaign 2021

Hand and finger injuries may result in disruptions to ones daily routine regardless of its severity. Based on the WSH Report 2020 released by the Ministry of Manpower (Singapore), published in March 2021, machinery incidents being the second highest contributor, reported 58 causes of major workplace injuries. The table below shows the breakdown of the cases where the incident agent is either an industrial machine or an industrial hand tool.

Injuries Incident Type Incident Agent Counts Total in Incident Type Percentage of Contribution
Major Caught in/ between objects Industrial Machines 23 48 47.92%
Major Struck by moving objects Industrial Machines 9 47 19.15%
Major Cut/Stabbed by Objects Industrial Machines 13 22 59.09%
Minor Struck by moving objects Industrial Hand Tools 330 1773 18.61%
Minor Cut/Stabbed by Objects Industrial Hand Tools 222 1115 19.91%
Minor Cut/Stabbed by Objects Industrial Machines 220 1115 19.73%
Minor Caught in/ between objects Industrial Machines 240 768 31.25%
Minor Striking against object Industrial Machines 57 638 8.93%
Source: MOM WSH Report 2020

The table below is a breakdown of the different types of hand injuries and information associated to it

Type of Hand Injuries What Is It Symptoms
Avulsion and Detachments
  • Severe traumatic injuries in which one or more pieces of tissue are torn and detached from the body, including at least 3 layers of skin.
  • These injuries are more extensive than lacerations (cuts), but they are less substantial than traumatic amputations
  • May experience intense and sudden pain where the trauma occurred. Swelling, bruising, trouble moving the bone or joint or pain when trying to move.
  • May involve nerve damages.
Crushed Hands
  • Injury when the hand comes under heavy impact of an object or a falling object at high speeds.
  • Sudden and intense pain followed by severe swelling.
  • May experience weakness, loss of motion, cramping, tingling or even numbness.
Fractured Fingers Injury due to impact that results to the
  • Ligament or tendon and the piece of bone it attaches to pull away from the main bone. Broken ends of a bone drive into each other.
  • The bone splits into 2 when a force causes it to move in 2 different directions.
  • May experience pain when touching the bone, swelling of the finger, bruising of the finger, difficulty bending the finger or deformity of the finger.
Sprains and Strains Injury due to overuse with no breaks or exercise.
  • May experience bruising and mild pain during first-degree injury.
  • May experience prolonged pain, swelling, weakness and a change in the range of motion at a nearby joint, such as the wrist during a second-degree injury.
  • During third-degree injury, the ligament, muscle, or tendon tears completely, causing pain and a limited range of motion.
Top: Demonstation of the correct way to handle equipment, Bottom: Reciting of the hand safety pledge

In an article by The Straits Times dated 25 March 2021, it had highlighted that forty-six workers lost their hands or fingers in amputation accidents last year, mainly due to the unsafe use of machineries.

HSB carried out our Annual Hand Safety Campaign 2021 at our various work sites. The theme for this year’s Hand Safety Campaign was ‘A Pair of Hands, A Lifetime Use’. There was a sharing session on hand safety and injuries during the campaign done through demonstration, skits, and quizzes to increase awareness.

All stakeholders within the projects team supported and participated in the event. Rewards were also given out to recognise the contribution and good EHS performance of our workers and sub-contractors.

At the end of the campaign, all personnels took a pledge on hand safety, together with the signing of the campaign banner as a mark of their commitment towards hand safety.

Left: Signing of the campaign banner, Middle: Demonstation of hand safety, Right: Giving out the EHS rewards
Left & Middle: Q&A Session, Right: Workers enjoying the lunch provided

*The event was held in compliance with the Covid-19 safe management measures.


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