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JTC-WFP – Construction of Roads, Drains and Sewers at Pasir Ris Water Fabrication Park (WFP)

Client: JTC
Status: Ongoing
Project type: Engineering
Contract period: 2019 - 2022
  • Construct Temporary Bypass Road for Pasir Ris Farmway 2 to Pasir Ris Ind. Drive 1 after Demolish Affected Pet Farm.
  • Backfill & Construct 450m of Pasir Ris Ind Drive 1 Including Road, Drain and Sewer.
  • Sewer Works at Lorong Halus, Pasir Ris Coast Ind. Park 6, Pasir Ris Ind. Drive 3 and Pasir Ris Dr. 12.
  • Outlet Drain Works along Pasir Ris Ind. Dr 1, Lorong Halus up to Junction of Lorong Halus and Pasir Ris Coast Ind. Park 6.
  • Construction of 1.6km Pasir Ris Industrial Dr 3 with road width 39.2m including modification to existing Pasir Ris Dr 3, Pasir Ris Dr 12, Pasir Ris Farmway 1, Pasir Ris Coast Industrial Park 2 and Pasir Ris Coast Industrial Park 6.
  • Construction 450m road raising, 28m wide trapezoidal drain and associated outfall, construction of 1500mm dia. trunk sewer along Pasir Ris Industrial Drive 1 and Pasir Ris Drive 12.