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December 2022


LTA Annual Safety Awards Convention 2022

ASAC 2022

The LTA ASAC Award 2022 this year was a most memorable and motivating for HSB as we clinched the Contractor Challenge Shield. 

This event organized by Land Transport Authority (LTA) recognizes organizations with contracts under LTA for their outstanding workplace safety, health and environment (WSHE) management and practices. The event was held at Singapore EXPO with the Minister of Transport S Iswaran as the guest of honor.

The theme for this year was Innovation and Sustainability for Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Excellence, and our project team from RC118 showcased the HSB Guidebook App, Augmented Reality (AR) Environmental training module and managing operational SHE through an e-platform and wireless crane watcher technology. The team also presented on the Major Challenges faced in the RC118 Project, the adoption of BIM and various innovative technologies used to overcome the project challenges, and showcased the beam launching operation adopting BIM and innovative construction solutions to achieve SHE excellence and sustainability. 

ASAC 2022

HSB won a total of 6 awards during ASAC 2022:

  1. Construction Safety Merit Award for Category A, Civil Contracts more than $50 million (DE113)
  2. Accident-Free Recognition Award for Category 2, Civil Contracts less than $120 million (DE113)
  3. Construction Safety Innovation Recognition Award “HSB EHS Guidebook” (RC118)
  4. Construction Safety Excellence Award for Category A, Civil Contracts more than $50 million (RC118)
  5. Accident-Free Recognition Award for Category 2, Civil Contracts less than $120 million (RC118)
  6. Contractors Challenge Shield
“Did you know, ASAC started in 1999 to as part of LTA’s Workplace Safety and Health management practice to recognize contractors who have been proactive and successful in maintaining a high level of health, safety and welfare standards for workers, while protecting the public and the environment.”



WSHE day 2022

HSB celebrated our Annual WSHE Day 2022 on the 10th November 2022 virtually. Our theme for this year was “Be Our Safety Hero, Score an Accident Zero”. WSHE Day is an opportunity, as a company, for us to reaffirm our commitment towards safety and to reward outstanding safety accomplishments.

We kick started the event with our emcee teaching everyone simple dance moves to WSH council’s “Step Up Workplace Safety and Health” song to encourage all our staffs and workers to incorporate simple workout in our daily lives.

Our Executive Director, Mr Alan Nah, gave a speech on the company’s achievements this year and urges all to keep up with their good work and efforts towards safety and health excellence. A talk organised by HSB Corporate EHS Trainer, Mr Subhan Ahzam, gave insights on how everyone in the organisation could play a part to be a safety hero, to maintain zero accidents on sites.

WSHE day 2022

The event was followed by 2 engaging webinars by our guest speakers - National Kidney Foundation (NKF) and Singapore Customs. NKF shared on the 2 leading causes of kidney failure – diabetes and hypertension, and what actions could be taken to improve your lifestyle. Singapore customs shared on laws and regulations and illegal cigarettes, which educated our workers on the tobacco taxes, offences of possessing and selling duty unpaid tobacco products.

WSHE Day 2022

The prize presentation was the highly anticipated segments for our Annual WSHE day, where monetary rewards were given to recognize the outstanding EHS performances of our various project teams. 

The event rounded up with our Managing Director, Mr Thomas Ng, giving a speech to congratulate the winners and emphasised the importance of providing a fair and conducive safe work place to prevent accidents. He also encouraged everyone to remain consistent in their efforts towards a zero-accident workplace. 

Sharing Thoughts & Care During Deepavali

Deepavali 2022

HSB celebrated Deepavali on the 23rd of October, as we reflect on our journey over the past two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Workers are happy to be able to resume normal activities, including coming together physically in large groups with minimal restrictions. HSB continued to provide workers and subcontractors with a special meal and beer to celebrate this festive day.

“Did you know, There are several myths associated with Deepavali, including its origins and significance. Despite the variations, these stories have the common theme of good triumphing over evil. Deepavali has been celebrated in the Indian subcontinent for thousands of years. Although it is a festival celebrated by all Hindus, there are variations in the practices and the way it is celebrated in different regions of India.”


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